What is Boudoir Photography?


So you are wondering what boudoir photography is all about... 

Everyone treats this a bit differently, but generally this style of photography is a bit sexier than other sessions. Boudoir is a French word for lady's private dressing or bedroom. Generally these images are for private consumption, but sometimes ladies like to show them off (hey - there is nothing wrong to show off what you got.) They are sexy, intimate, unique and made just for you and the art of female body. They can be used as gifts, personal self expression, showcase of your body or a celebration of an achievement. 

Gifts: Boudoir is great to give or to receive. I mean, who wouldn't want to receive this as a gift (in the form of an albums, a print, a viewmaster or in one of the videos). They are a gift you and your partner can treasure for a long time. Many of my clients give and receive these sessions prior to a wedding, anniversary, or birthday! It's a gift that your partner won't forget! 

Show case of your body / Show off a change of your body: Bodies are beauty. Yours is gorgeous. Show it off. Maybe you lost weight, or gained some curves and now proud of what you did and think you look fabulous. #selflove

Celebration of a achievement: Did you get a promotion, have a birthday, are you about to have your first child, achieve a certain milestone in your life? Many ladies celebrate their accomplishments with photos that can help them remember the pride they felt when they did it! 

Self Expression: These images are all about you. They are strength and beauty, emotional and thoughtful. These images are fine art. They are tasteful and sexy. They are what you make it. They are a representation of you and who you want to showcase. I'm here to capture that have you remember it for a lifetime. 

One other point I want to bring up is that boudoir is for every woman. There is no size limit, no measurement you need to be. I could write a book on this, but I'll keep this short and sweet. You are prefect. I can understand that little voice in your head that tells you that you need to look a certain way to have these images taken. If only you could look like "X model" and then you can get these taken. That's not true. My sessions are all about you, your body shape and your comfort levels. I help you pose (if you want), I help you get to those positions that showcase your natural curves, that area on your body you love, the sweet spots that will always remind you that you are this beauty, wonderful individual that is perfect. So book a shoot. You won't regret it. 

with love,