Washington DC Boudoir Photographer || Karin


Strong, powerful, sexy sessions can happen at any age and at any stage of life. I love Karin's session because she looks so strong and beautiful. Take a look at what she had to say about it!

"As women, I think we tend to be the most critical about our own bodies.  I have found, however, the older I get, the more confidence I seem to have about myself.  I think it's because after 40 something years, two kids, good days, bad days, successes, failures I realized that this is me and I'm comfortable with myself...and my husband loves me for being comfortable with myself.  That's when I thought that I needed to do something special for him for our anniversary.

From the first meeting I absolutely LOVED Alex. It's not easy to do these kind of pictures no matter how confident you feel.  So after a little bit of liquid courage and some reassurance from Alex, the shoot went perfectly.  In the end it was a very empowering feeling and quite a lot of fun.  Of course, Alex helped, as She always made me feel comfortable and good about what I was doing. I was so happy that I had chosen her.

I chose to present the pictures in a book format and when I saw the finished product I couldn't have been happier.  Not to mention super excited for the day I could finally present it to my husband.  My husband was completely surprised and couldn't have loved his gift more.

For anyone that is feeling nervous about doing a boudoir shoot, you know that your husband or significant other already loves you and knows what you look like.  There is no reason to feel any embarrassment over any imperfections that we may feel that we have.  It's really just in our heads.  We are perfect in our loved ones eyes. You will be completely thrilled when you see the look of surprise from your husband when he sees what you did for him."