How to Take High Quality Images for your Social Media? || Washington DC Brand Photographer

how to take high quality images for social media aw portraits

It’s no secret. Having the best images to showcase for your brand and company helps you stand out in the crowd and makes an impact on your customers and prospective clients. People want to get to know you, see your products in a way they would use them and get inspiration. They want a story, then want to see who you are as a company. They want to see awe-inspiring visuals that will keep them engaged which hopefully means a sale for you. Having strong visual content is key. Getting those visuals can be tough if you don’t know what you are doing.

Below are some quick tips to help you when you need to get that perfect shot.

Find Your Light:

Good lighting makes or breaks your image. Natural light is the easiest and best for lighting your photo. Find a window or take your subject outside, the key is to get nice, even lighting. If you are shooting at night or don’t have access to daylight, bounce your light off of something white or make sure you use that strong directional light in a stylized way. This will create dark shadows that can look amazing if you style it right.

Focus on your Composition

A great looking shot also depends on your composition or how the image is laid out. Symmetry and rule of thirds are the two go tos for photography. They make your image feel balanced and welcome the viewer to look around your image. Taking that extra second to pay attention will engage them and hopefully stay connected to you and your brand. Use depth of field (what is in focus and what is out of focus) to your advantage. Bring into focus what’s important in your photo (your product/service or yourself!) If you are using your phone, try using portrait mode to blur out your background.

Multiple Angles

Don’t be afraid to move around. See if you can take different angles of the same scene. Maybe from up high, down low or at eye level. Walk around and see if you can get a different shot. Also, if you take multiple images you can use some of those shots down the road as additional content without any extra effort!

Fine Tune, Don’t Just Add a Filter

No matter if you use a DSLR or your phone, it can be easy just to put on a filter and call it a day. But your social media needs consistency to look professional. The best thing for you to do is fine tune the image by making it look realistic but with your style on it. Typically when I upload images, I slightly colorize to my brand and add sharpen and brightening.

Get a Professional:

You have a business to run and you can only do so much. You know that the images will be better if you hired a professional to take your visual content. I can help you, that’s what AW Portrait is focused on, making you and your brand look the best. You know that the content you put out is directly correlated to your sales. Putting out the highest quality helps you make sale after sale. Instead of learning all the necessary knowledge to capture your content, you can use that time and energy into the other things that grow your business. Let AW Portraits help you with your visual content strategy.

Visuals help tell your narrative. They help define who you are and the values of your company. Let work together today.