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So you are thinking about a boudoir session. Maybe you are curious about what it is, what it could be, or what we could make it. I get it. Boudoir is an all inclusive term that I use to explore that inner sexy. Be that fully clothed to showcase a sexy, sensual, side that is just for you (or to send to that certain someone to flirt with), to the full nude fine art prints you hang in your bathroom (because, you look gorgeous and you should show it off). This session is yours, we make it what you want to make it. So let's get you a glass of something bubbly and have an experience you won't forget.  


Why I believe you need this

Everyone should feel sexy in their own skin, and in their clothing. Sessions are an experience. They help you showcase what you should feel about your body, yourself and your spirit. Over the time we spend together I help you showcase that strength, beauty and positive feeling you have about yourself. I haven’t always been happy about how I looked, but then I see photos that I love of myself - where I feel like I look like my best and they put me in a positive headspace. That’s why you need this. Plus - feeling sexy is fun, it’s beautiful and if you have a partner, it’s wonderful to show off these final images to them! These sessions are a physical showcase of amazing, lovely, sexy, sensual, edgy and timelessness we as the female can be. 




You should really see yourself on video...  

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"I can't believe I look like this. I almost cried when I saw the photos for the first time. They make me feel so good and I can't stop staring at them. This was the best thing I did for myself. "



"When I first scheduled this session I thought this would just be for my soon-to-be husband, how wrong I was. I think I love these images more than he ever could. I feel so strong and confident in my pictures. Any time I feel a little low I look through my book and immediatly feel better."



"When I saw the photos for the first time, I could not believe how they turned out. I could see just how comfortable I truly was. I had a really hard time trying to pick out my favorite photographs [and when] I received the book and prints, and I was so in love with them. When my husband opened the gifts, he began blushing and was amazed that I did the shoot. He noted the photographs were way better than any watch, socks, or cufflinks I could have given him."



"From the first meeting I absolutely LOVED Alex. It's not easy to do these kind of pictures no matter how confident you feel. So after a little bit of liquid courage and some reassurance from Alex, the shoot went perfectly. In the end it was a very empowering feeling and quite a lot of fun.


Recent Sessions & Advice



Where will my session take place?

Currently sessions are on location in the greater Washington DC area. We will either shoot at your place, a hotel or we can find another private location (AirBnB, outdoors, studio, etc.) Privacy is key for these locations so we chat about that during your consultation.

What's your style of Boudoir?

My approach to boudoir combines the naturalism of a journalistic style with a magazine-ready glow aesthetic. The goal of your session is to surround you with a natural setting that is both classic and beautiful, while also making you feel sexy. The end result is soft, yet striking, images that will showcase your personality and body type. Each client is different. Sometimes I coach more with some women, sometimes I let you be you in front of the camera. During our consultation we will discuss your likes and dislikes are about your body and images.

I'm feeling a bit nervous...

It is completely natural and expected for you to experience some nervousness leading up to the photoshoot. Prior to your shoot, I go over the structure of the shoot, your comfort levels, and how you will want to be photographed (non, semi or full-nude). Also, if you are still feeling nervous, a glass of wine usually helps!

Tell me about privacy.

You have complete control. You may choose to access your photos through a private gallery online or to receive your proofs printed in a book. The online gallery is password protected, and cannot be viewed by anyone who does not have the password. In addition, all of my boudoir clients sign a privacy policy that confirms exactly how you want your images protected. Your images will not show up online, in my portfolio, or anywhere else if you do not want them to. I am the only person who will photograph you at the photo shoot and will never bring along an associate or colleague, unless agreed upon prior to your session.


Boudoir Experiences Start at $400. Packages start at $1100.

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